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Who is Lykke Business
We Build and Operate Platforms
powered by Blockchain
We provide technology solutions in the dynamic financial, consumer, and service sectors. Our extensive knowledge and experience help us serve enterprises by building, launching and operating Platforms powered by Blockchain. Through the experience of building and operating our own platforms as trading and marketplace platform we know what it takes to build enterprise grate infrastructure.
What makes us Different
Deep Expertise and Focus on Quality
We are experts in business model innovation, tokenization and cutting edge blockchain technology. Our ambition is to deliver solution with the highest quality and security standards.

Execution and Management Excellence
We know how to structure and manage large technology projects with a successful track record. We develop products taking into account the needs, capabilities, and goals of both enterprises and end users. We offer not only effective solutions but also our support and service at each stage before and after implementation.
Transparency and Openness
We share our technologies and offer open-source blockchain solutions that could be used by people all over the world and could enable highly cost and time effective business cases for our partners.
Since day one we have been facing the challenge of providing seamless user experience across all our own Products as the Lykke Exchange and the Lykke Wallet. Building a great and easy way of using products is essential to our business.
Our partners and clients about us
Our People and Work
Richard Olsen
Founder & CEO, Lykke
Richard is a pioneer in high-frequency trading. His extensive entrepreneurial experience and academic work have always been devoted to his main goal - creating a better economic future for people and organizations using technological innovation.

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Niklaus Mettler
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Lykke Business
The main strength of Niklaus is his ability to lead teams to successful execution of complex projects and to bundle different stakeholders' interest to jointly achieve outstanding goals. . For over 30 years he has been coaching professional teams, mentoring leaders, as well as successfully managing complex projects.

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Referral and loyalty platform on Blockchain for the leading global property developer.

We can do a facinating scribing for your business. Design thinking has not yet been fully embraced by business leaders as a means to navigate the constant rate of change in today's climate.

Trading Platform for French international banking group.

Lykke built the global CFD (Contract for Difference) Trading Platform to create a more flexible, user-friendly and secure space for real-time trades with multiple assets.
Contact our experts to learn more about our expertise in building trading platforms.

Crypto Wallet PoC with Exchange connection for the Raiffeisen bank Switzerland.

In collaboration with RAI LAB, Lykke Business created a Proof of Concept Crypto wallet for securerly storing of digital assets for one of the largest Swiss banks, Raiffeisen.
Contact our experts and find out how to create an innovative product based on our open source platform.

Clearing and settlement token solution for
IATA members

Lykke Business and IATA developed the concept and a prototype for a platform with a token, in which the IATA corporate coin would be a base currency for the aviation industry to settle worldwide payments for airlines and business partners using blockchain technology, which lowers transaction fees and speeds up settlements, resulting in lower risks.

Digital Asset Exchange and Custody infrastructure created and powered by
us from scratch.

Development and operation of the full digital assets exchange infrastructure including market making, risk management, trading tools, and custody capabilities.
Contact our experts to learn more about our open source technology.

Open Vasp
An Open Protocol to Implement FATF's Travel Rule

Lykke Business is the leading contributor for the Open Vasp standard implementation in and to the open source standard development.
We are active members of the Open Vasp community and advocate for the standards adoption across the financial services industry.
Lykke Platform
Efficient, Fast and Reliable
In every project we are leveraging our technology to accelerate the delivery, reduce cost and provide enhanced security.

Our open source platform is blockchain agnostic and gives you a strategic advantage of remaining flexible and not being bound to a specific blockchain protocol. The platform and all individual modules are already successfully deployed in several operational solutions and have been significantly improved over time.

We work with some of the leading companies across the globe who are using our platform to streamline financial markets, manage supply chains, and create new business models.
What are your main benefits?
We enable our partners to leverage all benefits of modern technologies in finances by providing a highly comprehensive platform in interacting with all leading blockchains and creating an application layer for various mobile and web applications. Using our platform you never start from zero and therefore accelerate your time-to-market and product launch.
With our platform, you never start from zero. This allows to significantly reduce the investment and therefore increase the ROI and profitability of the business case. Each and every solution powered by our platform helps you to reallocate your financial and human resources in line with your business goals.
Our platform and technology components are deployed in some of the most critical infrastructures as our own exchange platform. The technology and processes have been tested, audited and improved over several years.
Due to the modular nature of our platform, we are able to tailor the specific configuration based on the business scenario and specific use case. Our platform is open source and doesn't leave you with a vendor lock-in as you can keep the entire solution.
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