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State-of-the-art blockchain reward and referral marketing solutions designed to bring your customers closer
Aerial enables the rapid deployment of tokenised ecosystems capable of incentivising a wide range of potent marketing and CRM initiatives, spanning loyalty and referral platforms, gamification systems, privilege plans and more. Embrace the future of CRM today with Aerial.
Our next-gen platform features 3 key innovations:
Customer Progressive
Web App
Merchant App
Web Portal
Application that enables your customers to purchase, gift, store and use a wide array of fully customisable vouchers. This intuitive app displays all participating merchant locations and offers.
Application used by merchants to define and enable the acceptance of Aerial Digital Vouchers. Participating merchants can also create specific payment QR codes which customers can scan to redeem vouchers.
A secure back-office portal where merchant data is housed and managed. Merchants can also create offers related to voucher usage (e.g. use vouchers at the coffee shop and receive a free coffee).
Additional Features
API's that can be integrated with existing mobile apps, or via the standalone mobile app developed by Lykke Business
Partner Portal for program partners to manage campaigns and offers
Flexible features enable campaigns requiring users to accrue points through multiple steps and interactions
Easy integration APIs with participating businesses’ CRM platforms and other third party systems
Referral module enables customers to earn tokens by inviting friends to sign up and complete purchases
Innovation Advantages
Enables savings on transaction fees and process inefficiencies, and allows you to analyse customer transactions to gain insights into spending habits and preferences.
Empowers users to complete a wide array of transactions without the need for batch processing or delays of any kind.
Delivers powerful insights in real-time, enabling businesses and organisations to perpetually optimise their offerings to enhance ROI.
Automation &
Robust security to protect merchants from the threat of fraud. This is the result of the inherent immutability and traceability that only blockchain technology can provide.
Intelligent contracts automate processes and can enable further gamification that both enhance user experience and drive ROI through data collection and iterative optimisation.
Customers benefit from an intuitive user experience that enables direct ownership of DeFi via the ability to earn and exchange tokens.
Empowers customers to invest money in token-supported projects and perform real-time utilisation and redemption of token points.
Enables seamless interoperability with other loyalty point networks, giving businesses more incentivisation flexibility and customers more choice and value.
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For Travel
and Hospitality
Aerial’s new technology stack offers a wide array of benefits and advantages to travel and hospitality businesses, looking to build their edge in an increasingly challenging market. To connect with one of our experts and discover how this technology can help you transform your travel and hospitality business, please schedule a free consultation.
For Country and Local Governments
Aerial empowers country and city governments to develop their own tokens to promote local businesses, initiatives and a wide range of positive social behaviours. To connect with one of our experts and discover how this technology can propel your city towards a brighter, more sustainable and less bureaucratic future, please schedule a free consultation.
For Sports Businesses
and Organisations
Aerial unlocks a world of opportunity for sports marketers, from enabling blockchain verification of tickets and merchandise, to powering fan loyalty programs, to creating NFT assets and more. To connect with one of our experts and discover how this technology can galvanise your customer base and give your business an edge, please schedule a free consultation.